Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Signs of spring in Mijas mountains

Bluish lavender grow wild.

Todays PhotoHike to Mijas proved that the mountain slopes show their first signs of spring. The predominant colors where blue, yellow and green. Also today I followed the red track that runs along the southern slopes where the sun follows the odd hiker along the route. After an initial more demanding climb (passed the old Ermita) you will find the path more easy going. From this track you have excellent views both down and up the slopes as well as over the coastal cities and the sea. The scenery is really beautiful and every time I feel for Mrs. T that cannot experience this due to the climb. The track is 2,6 km one way and return can be also along the highway to Mijas Pueblo.

In a few days this bud will look.....

....something like this...

...and again like this.

It is still early days for the majority of the flowers but the above species seemed to be an early one growing abundantly all over the place. maybe somebody can provide a name for it? The red track run long the slopes about midway to the tops, sometimes descending into small ravines only to climb back again. On the route both lavender and rosemary grow wild. Mrs. T asked to bring along some rosemary for the meat casserole we were having later that day. Which I did of course - one pocketful of it or plenty also for the next dish. Separately there is a young forest of eucalyptus that thrive in the sunshine giving a golden gleam. No pictures from this forest due to a strong wind.

Rosemary with mountains in the background.

More rosemary on the slopes.

The yellow color is massive on the slopes and it is difficult for the light blue from small flowers to match up. The last photo somehow manages to give an idea of the colorful scenery. Yellow is my color and this particular plant I remember blossom for quite some time.

Section where yellow dominates the slope.

It also sticks up amidst the green plants.

And contrasts beautifully the rock formations.

Green, yellow and light blue are the colors in Mijas early March.

Strong winds and sharp sunshine are not the best friends of a photographer but I hope the above pictures gives some idea of the onset of spring in Mijas.

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