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Colours from La Concepción, Málaga

This cactus was about to start blooming in a big way.

Hi everyone! It is time to follow-up on Jardin Botánico-Histórico La Concepción just outside Málaga.  I paid a visit there yesterday and found the gardeners busy with preparation for the spring. Last time we visited the lush historical section founded by Marquis of Casa Loring in 1855. There you can discover plants from different parts of the world. Many trees are old and big casting shadows that makes photographing fun. This time I spent time with the new sections to the right and left of the historical part. But before we start our tour let me tell another story.

On a few occasions we have been renting a car for our purposes and we found Sixt to be a partner of choice. Now we needed a car for the two remaining weeks in Andalucia because our own was going to be sent north to arrive at the same time with us. Of course we wanted a good deal for these two weeks and tried to get one from Sixt. Well, no suitable car at the right price was available so we had to shop around. And would you believe it - with the next click we found one internet offer at less than 100 euros. This seemed to be too good to be true. We only needed an all risk insurance but they are not THAT expensive - I thought. And there was some extra charge for the petrol filled up - funny, but no big deal so we ended up using the services of this rival to our normal supplier. The lady at the reception desk at the airport was very friendly, spoke good english and checked my documents; the passport, ID and credit card. They all matched with the same person so I was "released" to set off with a FOUR door VW Polo (instead of a two door Fiesta). GREAT, now off to La Concepción! NO - BETTER CHECK THE INVOICE WITH DETAILS FIRST!!! Mrs T ALLWAYS checks ALL the receipts.  MY GOD - the receipt was for 284 euros. It was all charged credit and not debit as I normally want to do. This required some contemplation and discussion with the service provider. YES, I wanted an all risk insurance and that was about 150 euros so I had got exactly what I required. COMPLAINT REJECTED and I need to do my homework better next time. Then a quick call to get my sins forgiven by Mrs. T and OFF TO LA CONCEPCIÓN with humble promises.

Macrophotography is fun and my favorite.

Cactuses in the new section of La Concepción...

...and more cactuses.

Absolutely lovely!
During our time in Andalucia I have not had much time for macrophotography because the general interest has been in describing larger pictures be it historical, natural or cultural by context. The above are a nice selection of macros with interesting textures. The first one is not a picture of sausages but a flower with plentiful red bloom. We saw one blossoming in Nerja already in February. The cactus garden is next to the Historical Mirador and offer many different kind of cactuses, most of them starting to blossom right now. The next picture below I call "Long John".

"Long John"

Nice color and texture!

My hair looks like this just before I visit, Amador, my barber.

Queing up for the barber?

Jardin Botánico-Histórico la Concepción also organise different kind activities (see Scientific activities to study, revive and improvement of indigenous flora. Cultural activities allow exhibitions of different art forms to take place in the area. Educational activities focusses on nature conservation, botany and  the environment and the Training Workshops offer courses for young unemployed people in gardening, building, carpentry, plant nursery and irrigation. So far 325 youngsters have been trained. What about photography courses?

A flower widely available.

Thrived with the yellow one.

Green bushes flower, too.

In the 19th century La Concepción was a popular meeting point for politicians, artists and the nobility of Málaga. Several buildings including the Manor House, The Loringian Museum and below Mirador viewpoint was constructed. Today the park cover over 200 species with a few specimens over 100 years old. They come from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Ornithologists can enjoy the birdlife in the park, too.

The Mirador overlooking the A-45.

Floral splendor with northern Málaga in the background.

A lake mirror in the park.

Other activities that are organized in the park is an All Family Fathers Day in March and later e.g. a course in Bonsai arts. For more pictures on the architecture and the venues in the park do visit the above mentioned website.

Red is a strong color in the garden.

A section of the forest is full of Clivias. Fantastic!

A sunny spell from between the trees.

More buds appear all the time.

A combination of purple and green.

Late afternoon light.

I let the below water lily be the last picture this time. This pond is just by the entrance/exit of the park and it is hit nicely by a late afternoon light. Hope you enjoyed this picture cavalcade through Jardin Botánico-Histórico la Concepción. If you have  chance to visit it the next 3-4 weeks should be ideal when the spring time blossom is at its best.

A water lily near the exit.

Follow this blog with news from Andalucia for another two weeks. Then we turn towards Skåne, Southern Sweden.


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