Sunday, 9 March 2014

An Evening in Fuengirola

Out for an evening walk to Fuengirola.

We have not done that many walking tours down to the Fuengirola seaside, especially in the evenings with a camera handy. Today we learned that there would be a concert by Elton John later in March at the Alfil Cinema so we decided to try to get hold of some tickets; "to ber on the safe side" as Mrs. T would say. Well, no tickets available so we have to come back later this week. We then started to walk towards the seaside, Passeo Maritimo, and found the waves quite heavy without any particularly windy conditions. There was some action on the beach; somebody out for a catch this evening.

A rod with its master on the beach.

Little wind but big waves tonight.

Something in the other end of the line?

We did not stay long enough to check what the catch might have been, but continued our walk along the seashore, turned left from Passeo Maritimo, reach the restaurant area, the Constitution Plaza and ended up by the former Town Hall that is now turned into a nice hotel. The square has only recently been set up and the lookalike statue of  Los Reyes Católicos raised in commemoration.

The Chiringuitos prepare some fish dishes over an open fire.

Mrs. T once told me that these flowers blossom twice a year.

Restaurants not that crowded on a Sunday evening.

Shops at the Constitution Plaza.

With a lovely church at the other side.

With its windows nicely decorated....

...and "Nuestra Senora" displayed on the wall.

Palms against the church walls.

I have a fair amount of pictures from palm trees, large and small, but do not seem to get enough of them because they appear very photogenic to me. In the evening the church lights at the Constitution Plaza shed their lights creating nice shadows and a different kind of an atmosphere. The orange trees on the pictures below where blooming and the scent was fabulous.

This new Plaza is quite charming. Los Reyes Católicos on the right.

Lookalike statue of Los Reyes Católicos Ferdinand and Isabella.

A nice stroll this evening at Fuengirola provided for some fresh air and towards a larger portfolio of pictures from our present hometown. These will be valued once we move away later this month.

Next, this coming week, we plan to visit El Chorro and provide some breathtaking pictures from the steep cliffs there. 

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