Monday, 3 March 2014

Molino de Inca move into springtime

Exotic pine (?) of a palm.

We visited Molino de Inca also in January and details about this Botanic Garden in Torremolinos can be found in the previous blog. The spring is gradually setting in and we try to follow the process as much as possible in order to capture some highlights for everyones pleasure. Molino de Inca gardens had now opened with everything seth for the growth season. The water systems where operating and plantations checked and with the green surroundings expanding there was even more to photograph this time. Below a few pictures for anyone interested in the nature and gardens in southern Europe.

The Four Seasons Statues.

The fountains being now operated opened up new sceneries like the above setting with statues symbolizing the four seasons. The sunlight came in just perfectly for this shot where two of the four statues seem to play in an almost tropical atmosphere. This site is often used for wedding photographing and the statues are made of pink Italian marble.

Greenery of the many palms... different settings...

...and formations.

I somehow find the different kind of palm trees in Andalucia very photogenic and even if we have plenty of material it is very tempting to shoot more. Palms are different and they come in different sizes, shapes and forms and are displayed in different settings.  Below also a few shots by Mrs. T that is growing an appetite for photographing, too. FANTASTIC because two persons see more than one alone and a joint hobby has much to offer. The below two pictures are taken by a a Canon Ixus pocket camera. Excellent shots but we need a better support camera next to our Nikon anyway.

Autumn blossom in Molino de Inca.

Colorful Molino de Inca.

A macro detail of the above red plant.

The two hours we spent photographing before closing time was not nearly enough to cover the area but hopefully the above gives you an idea of the present situation at Molino de Inca Botanical Gardens. The below flowers I missed altogether but luckily Mrs. T stumbled over them to capture this nice picture which finds its place at the end of today's blogpost. Tomorrow is the time to check the situation in nearby Mijas with more pictures available later.

Beautifully shot by mrs. T.

What's best in Andalucia. VERY HARD to tell.....but the nature has so much to offer twelve months a year and in some places the availability is 24/7. It's there for anyone to experience, without hype but with great welcoming locations.

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