Wednesday, 12 March 2014

El Chorro, the rock climbers paradise

Gorge of the Gaitanes at El Chorro.

El Chorro is a small village located just north of Alora but it is renowned by its steep cliffs that forms a ravine and huge climbing opportunities for climbing enthusiasts. To get here is really not difficult but it takes a sense of direction because Mrs. N (the female voice in our navigator) is of limited help here. Instead we where assisted by Mrs. T that has somekind of an inbuilt navigation system that leads us right if nothing else helps. As far as I am concerned I tend to loose my way already in large shopping malls. The bridge over the gorge is called Caminito del Rey (King's little pathway) after Alfonso XIII of Spain that visited the site in 1921 (wikipedia). Officially this path is closed but still used by climbers. Part of the route is collapsed and very dangerous. We spotted two climbers during our visit and you may be able to find them on the pictures below. 

Guadalhorce leading to El Chorro.

Gorge of the Gaitanes.

Climbers up on the shelf.

And again here.

A broader view if the King's little pathway.

Two climbers up on the right hand side.

One way of getting to El Chorro is by train from Málaga. If you REALLY insist on going on the trail then will provide detailed instructions how to get there. Pass a camping site and walk until end of road. Then walk a few hundred meters and path drops down. Follow it and later cross an old railway bridge are there. 

The Railway Station.

An old water cistern for steam engines.

A flower/fruit (?) of a palm tree.

If you want you can then drive up to the Tajo de la Encantada where you will have a magnificent view over the whole area. There is a bar available and the grounds appear very suitable for hiking. We also planned to visit the abandoned village of Bobastro that is situated in this area, but we failed to locate it. By now it was also getting late and we needed to return home soon.

Up on Tajo de la Encantada.

With a bar open for the public.

An olive tree and the evening sun.

Bridge for fast-speed train service.

Beautiful scenery.

And the small lake up on the top.

We hope that you have enjoyed this photographic expedition to El Chorro. We should be back with more pictures and information shortly on how the spring develops in Andalucia and will try to visit Almunecar next.

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