Thursday, 3 October 2013

MARBELLA and ESTEPONA at Costa del Sol

Marbella Coat of Arms and Flag

Estepona Coat of Arms

Marbella and Estepona are both situated west from Fuengirola a short drive away. Marbella has a population of 140.000 and said to be growing strongly again. According to some data Marbella has the highest disposable income per capita in Andalucia. It is a very dynamic area covering for almost 15% of all businesses in Malaga province. The service sector accounts for 60% of employment and trade for 20%. We all know the role tourism has in this region. Tourists including aristocrats, celebrities and wealthy people from Northern Europe, Saudi Arabia and the UAE flock here. (Wikipedia and website). The following pictures are from the notorious Port of Puerto Banus. There are nice small restaurants along the seafront but picking up a camera here seems to be a no-no. Who is a paparazzi here anyway?

General view of Puerto Banus

Big enough!

The Chosen One

Estepona is further west from Marbella and also has a nice marina with tapas and other restaurants. They claim to have sunshine 325 days a year and 21 km of coastline. So this is a tourist attraction in a big meaning. If you like golf, deep sea fishing, shopping, beaches - then this is what you are looking for. The nearby Sierra Bermeja peaks at 1450 meters. The seaside promenade has been decorated with cactuses and summer flowers that thrive side by side.

 The marina of Estepona
Welcoming restaurants

This is Costa del Sol!

By now we have also learned some key rules about parking:

1. First try to find a "legal" parking space.

2. If unlucky, you may opt to park behind the one that already have parked at the roadside. It is all right to block him. Next time he will do it to you.

3. If the second option is not available because there already is another car, then check one of the nearby roundabouts. If you find space there, you take it. And if it happens to be on a pedestrian crossing do not worry. This is quite normal.

These rules makes traffic smooth and everybody happy, including the police. We have learned that flexibility is the word here.

Shot within a 10 minutes drive home:
Traditional double parking.

This car has NOT stopped for red lights or to give way for pedestrians
but has actually taken a parking space where needed.

Could not drive in so better leave it here.


  1. "Vilda västern"-parkering med en twist! Bara alla är nöjda :)

    1. Yes Mme - och alla är nöjda som attan!