Wednesday, 2 October 2013

ARCOS de la Frontera - the white town

Arcos de la Frontera Coat of Arms

Arcos de la Frontera is situated in the province of Cadiz and it gained its name because it was the frontier of Spain's 13th century battle with the Moors. Arcos became partly famous for its ten bells that tolled throughout the war with the Moors (Wikipedia). The town has some 30.000 inhabitants and is based high on a sandstone ridge which makes it a spectacular sight. 

Driving towards Arcos

Large cactus growth along the road
Approaching Arcos

The road to Arcos first goes through the beautiful mountain area of Ronda and then descends to lower grounds.  Arcos is situated by Rio Guadalate which flows to the bay of Cadiz.  On the picture above we can see the new part of the town (white buildings) and on top of the sandstone ridge the old part with the 15th century castle. A VERY narrow road leads up and a car somewhat bigger than our KIA might have problems. We managed by moving in the mirrors. The town was almost empty when we arrived and we failed to understand why this was the case and this is still a mystery. Not even a tourist around - except one KIA with two strangers. Next to the castle we found a man with beautiful falcons. A picture had to be taken and the falcon owner offered to use my camera.

The road up to Arcos

The old castle on the left

A man talking falcon language

Next stage the historical Cadiz

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