Thursday, 3 October 2013

BENALMÁDENA and the Mariposario

Benalmádena Coat of Arms and Flag

Driving east from Fuengirola will take you to the neighboring town of Benalmádena which is a major holiday resort, too. It is divided into three sections; Costa, Arroyo de la Miel and Pueblo and it has a population of 59.000 inhabitants. The township had an important role during the islamic period but declined after 1485 due natural disasters and instability in the area. Later the paper industry and wineries reactivated Benalmádena. Local caves have indicated that this region was inhabited already 20.000 years ago. Benalmádena Pueblo, a typical Andalucian village, was established during the islamic period - then a walled town and a fortress. (Wikipedia)

Central square in Benalmadena Pueblo with main activities going on

This Buddhist stupa is the largest in western world

Spanish street sign in finnish: "I am on vacation"

Benalmádena Pueblo is a typical Andalucian village that tempts with its friendly environment and small restaurants. One evening we had lobster in a peculiar way (see picture) - the poor thing seemed to drown in its own sauce. Additionally there is a very nice Mariposario. What is that? It is a building where small and large butterflies fly free and  tend to collide with the visitors. There are also colorful birds and some other animals. If you visit the Mariposario you may want to bring a T-shirt for every time you go in and out because the humidity is very high and you get wet quickly. For the same entrance fee customers can enter as many times as they want. 

Benalmadéna square in the evening

Finish me quickly!

A walk after the dinner

The Mariposario

This guy welcomed us. HOLA!

Do not miss Benalmádena Pueblo

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