Friday, 4 October 2013

CORDOBA - the ancient intellectual centre of Europe

Cordoba Coat of Arms and Flag

Cordoba has been an Iberian and Roman city in the ancient times. In 711 the muslims took Cordoba by force and turned it into a capital of an Islamic caliphate subordinate to the Caliphate of Damascus. In the 10th century Cordoba is said to have been the most populous city in the world. The city also became the intellectual centre of Europe once libraries, medical schools and universities where opened. Today Cordoba is a modern city where the old town carries a large number of historical cites that has been declared a World Heritage by Unesco. (Wikipedia).

Old centre with Cathedral at a distance

The Roman bridge with Cathedral

Albolafia Mill by Rio Guadalquivir

Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (residence for christian kings)

The walls of the Alcazar

Gardens of the Alcazar

Knowing that the weather in internal parts of Andalucia can be very hot we had left our visit to Cordoba for later in the summer hoping  that it would be slightly cooler then. Well, the weather in August is about as hot as it can get in Spain. The air-conditioning in our great little KIA worked perfectly but when we left the car we where hit by this enormous heat well above 40 degrees centigrade. We carefully planned our tour of the city and welcomed any shadow. And the garage for our KIA was truly appreciated throughout the summer. The new soft tiers we had bought for European rainy conditions appeared at times to be melting under the Spanish intense sun.

Hot, hotter, impossible!

Thank God......WATER!

One of the many small shops in the old town, near the Cathedral

Cordoba by night

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