Saturday, 5 October 2013

ISTÁN closer to its roots

ISTÁN Coat of Arms

ISTÁN is dating from the Moorish time and survived the difficult times after the islamic period due to its distance from the seashore where Arab settlements often where destroyed. This village is up on the mountains north of Marbella. Where mules and packhorses used to have its way there now is a serpentine road that takes you up to this unspoilt unique village that tourists still have to discover. Christian settlers mainly came from a Murcian village of El Cristo de Panocho and are therefore called "Panochos". (Wikipedia and

Beautiful scenery of Istán

where citrus and avocado trees thrive

So beautifully located between the mountain tops

Istán has only about 1500 inhabitants and only one road lead there. The main square attract villagers and the odd tourist for tapas before going to church in the evening. If you want to go to Istán leave your car on the public parking facility and walk into the village. Roads are too narrow to allow any cars to pass. Istán has several drinking fountains with pure unprocessed mountain water. We adored Istán.

The main square in Istán with the church 

Beautiful narrow lanes with local homes to discover

with a friendly peaceful atmosphere

ISTÁN so close to its roots

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