Sunday, 23 February 2014

Snow covered Sierra Nevada

On the road to Granada and Sierra Nevada

Our previous visit to Granada last summer (see the blog) was a small adventure with narrow one way streets and a scooter bumping into us. So Mrs. T more or less felt no more driving into Granada. This time I knew what to expect and must say there was no problems (almost). Anyway, Mrs T opted to stay at home so I left on my own just to get some shots of the snowy Sierra Nevada and in a way end the circle taking white pictures to complement the summer pictures from our previous visit. The above picture is taken from a pedestrian way across the A-92 giving a beautiful view over the area. Not far from Granada now. Having reached the city I knew what I wanted. A picture with Alhambra in the front and the Sierra Nevadas in the background. The only thing was I had very little idea how to find the right spot for this picture of my dreams. 

Could not remove the Puleva milk lorry - it was parked there.

I drove up to Alhambra from a southern direction and tried to look around. I needed a hillside east to north of Alhambra but Granada is a bustling city and strange to me so it was difficult. And I had not been allocated to much time;)  I drove up on a small patio kind of thing next to a church. There where other cars parked (illegally of course) so I spent considerable time thinking what to do. Stay or leave? Mrs. T (nicknamed "to be on the safe side") would have wanted to leave, but I was obsessed by my photographic dream. So when a youngish lady appeared, stepped into her car and left I saw my chance. HURRY! Because there is another car driving up and I am soon loosing this opportunity.   So without further hesitation I parked the car in front of this church below Alhambra. A small prayer "please do not clamp my car" before walking uphill on this warm and sunny day:) My reconnaissance of the area eventually proved futile so I returned to my pretend-to-be-fourwheeldrive KIA. ALAS! OF COURSE! A police car AND "the content". They where doing some "office work" leaving a note on every cars windscreen. I was JUST IN TIME (JIT) to explain myself.......I suppose it was my professional appearance with all the camera gear and my foreign accent that got me off the hook. Another chance to offer my appreciation to the Spanish culture and its hospitality!

Same region.
Pico Veleta I presume.

Happy to escape the fees I drove away, turned left and tried one more time to find another place I had seen that might be good for my intentions. The result was that I ended up on the very same main Alhambra parking area where I had already been so I decided it is time to find the A-44 and A-92 and return home. As we have a number of SPANISH READERS may I take this opportunity and ask for help? If anyone knows where I can find the right spot (hill) where I could take a picture with Alhambra in the foreground and the Sierras in the back, PLEASE GIVE ME A TIP. Much appreciated! I'll buy you a copa of tinto when we meet. 

Commercializing Sierra Nevada, Andalucia.

A Great Excursion Day to the Marvellous Sierra Nevada. Thank you!

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