Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jardin Botanico de La Concepcion, Málaga.

Bamboo trees in evening sun.

During my visit to the Inca gardens in Torremolinos another visitor kindly gave me the tip to visit the Botanical Gardens in Málaga. I was advised that this was a larger area with vegetation from around the world. And indeed this proved to be correct. These gardens date back to the mid 19th century and has gradually been extended. In 1994 it was again opened to the public as a historical botanical garden and cultural, didactic and scientific centre ( To find the place drive north from Málaga along the A-45 and take off at Ciudad Jardin. Then follow the signs to these historical-botanic gardens. The entrance fee is today eur 5,20 and one can easily spend a full day there. 

A variety of bushes and trees make a beautiful scenery.

Mrs. T and Mrs. M admire the blooming rosemary.

Several well designed paths makes walking easy and take you to the different sections of the park. Vuelta al Mundo en 80 Árboles is displaying different kind of trees from around the world. Along the  Ruta de los Miradores you can spot several photographic scenes and make a stop at the viewpoints to rest your feet. 

Blossom in February.

Insects have appeared throughout the cold season.

Flora is reach in this garden with some 2000 species reported and with a few specimens over 100 years of age. Also ornithologists are recommended to visit the place to spot some of the larger or smaller birds in the area.

Almond trees blossom this time up in the mountains.

Revert in early March and the place will be even greener.


The historical part of the garden reminds of a rain forest at occasions. Other parts are e.g. an area with palms, primitive plants, bamboo garden, native region plants, an old lemon grow (where one of  the lemon trees also carried mandarins) and others to choose from.

Old section of the garden with lush vegetation.

Another section of the old gardens.

Late afternoon shadows.

This day was well spent in these historical-botanic gardens. If you do not have access to a car there is also a bus (line 61 from the main alameda boulevard) to take you from Málaga all the way to the entrance of the gardens.

At the entrance next to the water plants.

A worthwhile place for all nature enthusiasts!

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