Thursday, 20 February 2014

Málaga (accidentally) By Night

Málaga main shopping street in the old town late at night

During our stay in Andalucia we have taken interest in cultural events all from Flamenco (see trip to Cadiz), open air opera at the Sohail Castle and cinematic opera (live from Metropolitan) at Plaza Mayor and at the local Alfil Cinemas. We particularly fancied the concert by SOTO that was given at the Peace Palace in Fuengirola. A real rhythmic show that left nobody cool. Málaga offer splendid theatre, opera and concerts, too. We have visited Teatro Cervantes several times but this time we chose a piano concert by Paula Coronas at Teatro Echegaray just behind the Cathedral. We had a busy day, finished our late lunch without dessert and left with hurry from Fuengirola to the concert that I KNEW would begin at 19.00 hours. We arrived just on time to have a cup of coffee and dessert before the concert. We asked the waiter to bring the coffee, dessert AND BILL all at the same time. She looked at me slightly confused almost like she was trying to say "we do not operate here like that". Anyway, we were served and set off for the theatre. We found the nice building all right, the "taquilla" was open but there was no people around and doors where CLOSED. What now? Is this the wrong day, wrong door or what.......? Mrs T looked at me wanting to say something like "what have you been up to?". It took me a short moment to understand that the time I KNEW would be 19.00 maybe was not so obvious. In fact the weekly concerts in Málaga tend to start at 21.00 hours and so did also this piano concert. What can you say? I get older and sloppier.......this time we were lucky to arrive 2 hours early and as I did bring my camera we used the time photographing the Málaga evening. BUT BECAUSE this was not a photographic mission per se I DID NOT BRING MY TRIPOD with me. Hence I must apology for the poor quality of the pictures shot at large aperture leaving part of them a little blurry. I have had better days but, then, this is only life.

Entrance to Teatro Echegaray at 21.00 hours.

Teatro Echegaray behind the Cathedral.

Interior from the theatre.

Unfortunately we where not allowed to photograph the performance itself but if you are interested in Paula Coronas she has a website at  Briefly she is a talented lady from Málaga where she studied and finished with the highest grades. She has been competing actively winning her first prize when she was twelve and many others since then. She now holds the professorship of piano in Málaga and combines her teaching with national and international concerts. This evening she performed Liszt, Schubert, Debussy, Scriabin and Spanish composers Turina, de Falla, Ocón and Granados.

The Cathedral above the old town.

Plenty of restaurants and bars in the old town.

A place for a Perrito (local hot dog) and coke.

View towards a side street.

The above pictures are from the Málaga old town with all the museums, restaurants and shops. This is only a short walk from the Centro-Alameda train station. We have often enjoyed excellent dishes in the restaurants and it is a good idea to leave some pre-concert time if you fancy a tapas or a local dish before it. Shops are open until late evening. The Cathedral closes at 19.00 hours but up till now we have not found the right entrance for it. Will try again next time:) Although it cannot be seen from these pictures the old town is very busy almost any day / evening. This post ends with a picture from a small alley in the city centre where a caballero finishes his day.

Late night conversation.

Did you like the pictures? There is more at  Don´t be shy to leave your comments, too. They are all highly appreciated.

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