Friday, 20 December 2013

PhotoHiking in Montes de Málaga Nature Park

A "Space Odyssey" in Málaga Mountains

PhotoHiking in Málaga Nature Park in December

Christmas time is approaching fast and I promised myself to make one PhotoHiking trip before the holiday season sets in. I had earlier acquired a map over the Málaga Mountains Nature Park that is situated just north-east of the city. The area was unknown to me so the map came in handy. From the A7 I followed the A7000 (old C-345) until I reached the area of El Cerrado where I turned left and continued until I parked by a rural hotel. The track A137 started just behind the hotel. It is a circular route and would take a hiker only an hour and twenty minutes to complete. For a photographer you should probably reserve almost three times more time. I have not had too much time for macrophotography during our stay in Andalucia, but this day was devoted to my favorite topic.

Growth season 19th December, 2013.
Winter Season
December Blossom

Summer Colours in December

Macrophotography is very interesting and quite different from picturing landscapes etc. It takes a good eye to spot the opportunities and the right angles for it. Patience is of essence, but the interesting thing is also that in a very small area you can detect so many things that we do not normally even notice. There is another world to discover and you can spend hours on the very same area. Below another exciting photo; something left over from the previous growth season….still "hanging in the air".

A "floating tistle"

The track I had chosen climb up to a mountain top and then descend another way back to the hotel area. I had reached the top when I noticed that rainy weather was approaching. I decided to continue for as far as possible and when the raindrops started to hit me I had to pack my gear and cover myself. I had by then consumed most of the time I had allowed for my trip - promised Mrs. T to be back at an set hour. I started my descend along a rather steep mountain slope, following the track that at some point showed signs of heavy water at times forcing itself down. This more demanding part of the track made the classification "medium demanding". This Nature Park is larger than one would expect, it is obviously rich in birdlife and has a nice variations in the landscape. There is also a fantastic view from the mirador over the entire Málaga area. Springtime must be beautiful there, worth another visit. Down the last picture covering part of the hiking track that I followed.

A nice and productive day out.

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